In the world of fishing and fish processing, product quality and freshness are paramount. Sea Master, a leading company in the marketing and processing of tuna and swordfish, has been undertaking autonomous ice production for years to ensure these standards. This is a practice that not only ensures a consistent cold chain, but also represents a significant step toward sustainability.

The need for a constant cold chain

The cold chain is essential to maintaining the freshness and quality of tuna and swordfish. From the time of capture through processing and distribution, each step in the process requires controlled temperatures to prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure that the product retains its organoleptic properties.

Sea Master recognized the importance of having complete control over this critical aspect of their business. Autonomous ice production allows the company not to depend on outside suppliers and to have ice available at all times, without interruption.

Cutting-edge technology: special filters for pure water

A key element of Sea Master’s autonomous ice production is the use of special water filters. These advanced filters ensure that the water used to make the ice is perfectly pure and free of impurities. This not only improves the quality of the ice, but also ensures that there is no contamination that could compromise the quality of the fish.

Filtered water is essential to avoid the presence of unwanted substances that could alter the flavor or freshness of tuna and swordfish. With this technology, Sea Master can produce the highest quality ice that can best preserve their products.

Sustainability: A Concrete Commitment

In addition to ensuring product quality, autonomous ice production reflects Sea Master’s commitment to sustainability. The company has implemented an efficient system that minimizes waste and optimizes resource use. The ability to produce ice in-house reduces the need for transportation and consequently the associated environmental impact.

ea Master has also taken measures to reduce the energy consumption of the ice production process. By using advanced technologies and optimized processes, the company manages to maintain a balance between operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Sea Master’s autonomous ice production is a shining example of how innovation, dedication to quality and sustainability can go hand in hand. By ensuring a consistent cold chain, the company demonstrates a real commitment to marketing products of excellence and protecting the environment. This initiative not only improves product quality, but also positions Sea Master as a responsible leader in the fishing and fish processing industry.

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