About us

Sea Master is an Italian company located in Rome, with a deep understanding of Tuna and Swordfish production and trade. Defrost methodology upholds a strict producing protocol.

We safeguard innovative and sustainable manufacturing processes, whereby we aim to trace brand-new routes for the Italian fish trade.

All of our fishes come from supply areas that don’t show any concern. Those raw materials are selected from lots that can guarantee better quality, frozen on board only. This is the best way to ensure the perfect conservation throughout the entire chain, from production to sale.

Sea Master directly supplies supermarkets and wholesalers throughout Europe.

Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy is based on the search for high quality raw materials, obtained through state-of-the-art production systems, and on sustainability, as we always try to obtain the best product without neglecting respect for the oceans. 

Our competitive advantage is to have an integrated supply chain with direct processing and distribution facilities. We thus guarantee products and services of certified quality and professionalism.

We are passionate researchers, we stretch the boundaries to determine the uniqueness of our supply, and expert packers, thanks to the group’s certified workshops where the processing and packaging of the catch is skilfully carried out.

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality products, certified and carefully processed in Italy. 

Our Values

Attention for details is a cornerstone of every department: cold chain is assured at any step. Same accuracy is placed for the treatment of animals, to make the most out of the organoleptic properties and to avoid waste of the goods given by nature.
The company inherit an expertise growing since four generations of fish entrepreneurs. Passion and competence penetrate any single aspect of the venture in order to write a new chapter of fish trade in Italy.
Sea master rely on the latest technology discoveries in terms of energetic sustainability and Processing. Fishing sector is an extensive network of ventures placed all around the world: the company share its own know-how only with partners and suppliers that believe in the same values.
A certified product is safety one. Only shock frozen fishes at -16° or -60° are getting acquired, with a certify of catch and export (as eBDC for tuna). Products are getting tested at the arrival, during the production and at the outcome.
Founders have been able to innovate the fish logistic of center and south Italy. Nowadays challenge consists to reinvent commercial dynamics, to implement treatments and transformations of raw materials.

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