At Sea Food Expo Global in Barcelona, we presented our two new production lines, Senaka and DeTuna, both the result of our passion, expertise and dedication to quality.

In DeTuna, each slice of tuna and swordfish is meticulously selected and then processed and packaged to perfection.

The Detuna line includes:

– Primus Defrosted Tuna Loin, the top of the line;

– Defrosted Yellowfin Tuna Fillet (Blue Paper), the entry price of the line despite maintaining all the high quality criteria that represent the Sea Master protocol;

– Defrosted Yellowfin Tuna Loin, the best seller of the De Tuna line;

– Trancio di pesce spada decongelato (Sashimi), di cui vi è una variegata scelta anatomica in base alle richieste.

As for the Senaka line it best encapsulates Sea Master’s values of research and craftsmanship in processing. This is a line of excellence that includes the selection of the best parts of tuna with the most optimal state of preservation and firmness of the meat.

Senaka is carefully designed to conquer the best tuna markets around the world.

There is a lot of research behind these products and therefore we hope they can concretely revolutionize the seafood industry.

New product lines: Senaka and DeTuna

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